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Swift Evolution



Yes, UIKit is a must, but you should consider some of your time for SwiftUI.

Once you try it, you will love it.


Rx stands for reactive extension

Xcode tools

XCTest & XCUITest


  • It is linked directly to Apple’s framework and works natively with Xcode so no third parties imports needed.
  • Easy to write, to understand, to diagnostic a problematic block of code with all the measure numbers and Xcode debugging messages.
  • Written in Swift


  • Does not have access to hardware. Simulating a basic test on device hardware state like not enough memory or disk space, throttled CPU, slow internet can not be done using XCTest.
  • Run unit test in a separate block, or the workflow may become slow and unresponsive.
  • Reports are not exportable.


  • Screenshots
  • Description
  • Small Business Program
  • Community

iOS Community

Behind every great ecosytem is a great community.

You are ready !



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